Web Design

When hiring a professional agency, you should write up a requirements document for all the candidate agencies to reference in their proposals, so you are comparing apples to apples. This document doesn’t have to be too complex (a page or so in length will do), but it should describe what kind of website you want, what types of pages you want (News, Contact, Services, etc.), desired functionality, and your business goals for the website. It’s also helpful to provide examples of websites you like. Download our Client Questionnaire to begin formulating your Requirements document.

If you have a “startup” business and your business concept combines features from popular sites like Google, eBay, Facebook, YouTube, Kayak, Uber, Match, etc., then you must carefully define your website. The popular sites listed above spent millions of dollars perfecting and maintaining their core applications. Sure, there are pre-built, open-source “clones” of popular websites that can be purchased and modified but be forewarned – these are mere shadows of the originals. This underscores the importance of a website Requirements document based on a solid business plan.

If your startup business only requires an informational website or is selling a few simple products, we can work with you to make sure the website you envision will accomplish your business goals and create a strong brand.