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Small business website redesigns

If you have an existing website, you are in a good position to improve your online presence with a redesign and the addition of functionality to keep you competitive. Since you already have a website and some knowledge of its effectiveness, we can leverage that experience and your new website will be much more effective at meeting your business goals.

Our definition of “small business website” is a website consisting of up to seven main sections with the total pages not to exceed 20. There is no need for custom plug-ins or databases. For e-commerce websites, we would use PayPal or a hosted cart solution like Shopify, there are no 3rd-party integrations. If you need any of this explained, please contact us.

90% of our redesign projects require a complete new programming effort. Web standards change frequently and websites that are over two years old will likely need a newer framework that supports newer functionality and design specs, such as wider pages, mobile-responsive design (tablet & phone) and the latest plug-ins. If we don’t need to rebuild your website then you can deduct about 50% from the estimates below. In order to get relevant estimates, you should prepare a Requirements document so that everyone is bidding on the same requirements. This document doesn’t have to be too complex but it should describe what enhancements you want and any new website content or business goals. Based on this document and your existing website, a web agency should be able to generate a reasonable estimate.

So how much will my website cost? Here’s our breakdown for a simple website redesign with no custom database or 3rd-party integrations:

Website Breakdown:

Planning – $600 – $1200
UX (sitemap, wireframes) – $0 – $600
Visual Design – $960 – $2400
Programming – $3000- $7200
Content Support – $240 – $600
Client Training / Documentation – $0 – $600
Testing and Launch – $960 – $1200

Total Cost: $5,760 – $13,800 *and up, depending on Requirements

Post-launch we definitely recommend a minimum of $500 per month for ongoing, proactive marketing efforts.

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