Office Equipment

We provide a variety of office equipment installation, commissioning, purchase and maintenance. Contact us now, we will be based on your needs, give a reasonable price!

Office equipment including computer equipment, communications equipment and other office equipment.

(1) Computer equipment: Computer equipment is the core of modern office automation systems, a lot of modern office equipment can be connected to the computer. The computer system includes a host and a variety of on-line external devices, such as printers, plotters and so on.

(2) Communication equipment: communication device is a major component of the entire office system communications network, a comprehensive communications system responsible for transport, control, switching, processing, monitoring, and many other important work, including a communication control equipment, communications transmission equipment and media network communications equipment. Wherein the communication control device is a computer or a main structure of a communication device is directly controlled by a computer; a communication transmission equipment including a modem, hubs, repeaters and other devices for information transmission; communication transmission medium mainly coaxial cable, bis wire, fiber optic, microwave and so on.

(3) Other office equipment: equipment and other office equipment is performing office transaction processing means people in need, mainly copiers, fax machines, one machine, drilling machine, binding machine, laminator, plate-making machine, offset , imagesetters, etc.

More than the office equipment we can help repair, replacement, upgrade, purchase, installation, commissioning